‘Iron Man Every Suit Ever’ Web Series Debuted by Marvel (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Iron Man Every Suit Ever

The internet, and in particular YouTube, is chock full of explanatory videos on the ins and outs of the Marvel Universe. But now, Marvel itself is getting in on some of that sweet short video action, with a web series awkwardly titled Iron Man Every Suit Ever, the first part of which recently made its online debut.

Iron Man Every Suit Ever takes a simple, encyclopedic approach to the many suits of armor that Tony Stark has used to fight evil over the years. Each suit gets its own front-angle view, as well as short text captions that say the name, the issue and year it debuted, and a brief explanation of its purpose and/or the circumstances regarding its creation.

You can see the first part of Iron Man Every Suit Ever below. And for future episodes, stay tuned to the official Marvel YouTube channel here. Happy Stark Week, everybody.