Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt: Whiskey Brand Launches Global Scavenger Hunt

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 27, 2016

Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt

Everybody loves a scavenger hunt, and when that scavenger hunt takes up the entire planet and happens to involve Jack Daniel’s whiskey as well? That’s a surefire hit. And that’s just what the new Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt is, in honor of the brand’s historic 150th anniversary.

The Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt begins on the first of July in Lynchburg, TN, the birthplace of Jack and the location of its corporate headquarters, and will stretch on until September. Special Jack Daniel’s barrels will be hidden in secret locations throughout the globe, with clues posted on social media. Find one, keep one, and you get a prize package for your trouble as well.

It’s a very cool idea for a social media ad campaign and a celebration of the Jack Daniel’s 150th anniversary, and you can get more information on the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt (provided you’re of legal drinking age) at the scavenger hunt’s own website right here.