Drop Dead x Sonic: Apparel Brand Launches Sonic the Hedgehog Capsule Collection (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 27, 2016

Everybody, or at least everybody who was a kid in the 90s, has wanted at some time or another to dress like Sonic the Hedgehog. But if giant red sneakers and spiky hair aren’t working out for you, the Drop Dead x Sonic capsule collection from Sega and Drop Dead gives you a few more options.

The Drop Dead x Sonic collection is made up of T-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, outerwear, and accessories in men’s and women’s sizes, bearing the likeness of the blue guy himself, or as in one case, the name of one of the levels he made famous. It’s pretty cool stuff, and unlike a lot of video game merchandise, it looks like something you could actually wear in the real world.

You can see if you agree by taking a look at a few photos of the Drop Dead x Sonic collection in the gallery below. And to shop the collection, and check out some cool Sonic tunes at the same time, head over to the Drop Dead online store right here.

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