Lets You Turn Soundcloud Files Into Vinyl Records

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 24, 2016

One of the most important sites on the internet for lovers of independent music is SoundCloud, where artists can upload their work online and get it heard whether they have an audience of millions or dozens. is a new service that lets both artists and fans get their favorite SoundCloud tracks in a format that was previously more or less impossible.

That format is, obviously, vinyl, which gives you the ability to crowdfund pressings of for any SoundCloud track or tracks. Hell, you could even use it for podcasts, as long as you have the artist’s permission, although I think we all agree that would be a little strange.

Pricing information, and the exact nature of how will work (including how much money struggling artists stand to make from such a service being made available), is all still to come, but you can sign up to be alerted when updates occur at the service’s website right here.