‘Apollo 11’ Poster Collects Everything NASA Mission Sent to the Moon

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Apollo 11

The historic Apollo 11 mission was about exploring the limits of human scientific ability, and investing in the future by doing something many thought was impossible—sending humans to the moon. But it wasn’t just Armstrong & Aldrin that we shot up there, as a cool new poster by Rob Loukotka proves.

The poster is simply entitled Apollo 11, and it shows every single tool, piece of equipment, and assorted detritus that made the trip up to the moon with the still-world-famous astronauts in tow. There are more than 200 items and 69 detailed illustrations that make up the poster, and it’s a fascinating look at the surprising amount of stuff it took to get two men on the moon.

Unlike the real Apollo 11, the poster of the same name has overshot its goal by a significant margin, and the Kickstarter campaign here still has about a month left to go. During that time, you can grab your own copy, starting at just under $40.