‘Las Vegas In Infrared’ Shows Sin City in a New Light (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, June 20, 2016

Las Vegas In Infrared

Las Vegas has to be among the most photographed cities in the world, but filmmaker Philip Bloom has found a simple yet effective way to look at Vegas in a (literally) new light. That new light is evident in the title of Bloom’s new short film, Las Vegas In Infrared.

If you’ve seen infrared footage before, you might be able to imagine what Las Vegas would look like with the treatment. But Las Vegas In Infrared is worth watching regardless, for the way it takes a familiar place (even if you’ve never been there), and makes it look like some otherworldly ghost town, albeit one with a lot of advertising.

You can watch Las Vegas In Infrared below. If it makes you want to see more of Philip Bloom’s stuff, you can check out his YouTube channel here. If it makes you want to visit Las Vegas, prepare to be disappointed.

Here’s the video: