Sebastian Bergne Ring Soap

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 17, 2016

Sebastian Bergne Ring Soap

The agreed-upon shape for soap is the classic bar. It’s worked for generations, but the people at Sebastian Bergne have done what they do and come up with another, possibly better shape for soap. It’s Sebastian Bergne Ring Soap, the advantages of which should be obvious.

Sebastian Bergne Ring Soap hangs on an included aluminum peg you put into the wall of your shower (or wherever), and out of respect for my readership I will not make the obvious lewd joke about the soap’s central hole. As for the soap itself, it’s available in either amber or emerald varieties, and you can put it anywhere you don’t want to use a soap dish.

You can find Sebastian Bergne Ring Soap, as well as plenty of other Sebastian Bergne products (soap-related and otherwise), at the brand’s online store right here, where the Ring Soap is priced at just under $30 a pop.