Columbia Survival Labels: Brand Packs Survival Tools Into Hang Tags (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 16, 2016

Columbia Survival Labels

Columbia is known as the rugged outdoor adventure brand, and their latest product is a novel and unique reason why. They’re called Columbia Survival Labels, and they pack a multitude of survivalist tools into what was formerly a pretty useless part of any piece of apparel: The hang tag.

Columbia Survival Labels can cut wood in the wild, repair tears in clothing, filter water, and more. It’s a pure promotional gimmick, but it’s a good one, and who knows? This could be one promotional gimmick that actually saves your life, should you find yourself in a specific kind of dangerous situation.

Columbia hasn’t said which pieces of clothing will be equipped with Columbia Survival Labels, or when they’ll start hitting shelves, but you can acquaint yourself with the very cool multitools by watching the introductory video below. And if you want to take a look at some other Columbia products, hit up the brand’s official site right here.

Here’s the video: