Railroad Spike Bottle Opener From Muirwood Reclamations

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

In 1848, a railroad worker named Phineas Gage entered into immortality by surviving an accident in which a railroad spike was driven through his head, leading to extreme changes in Gage’s personality. Now, you can celebrate Gage’s most famous work with the Railroad Spike Bottle Opener from Muirwood Reclamations.

Every Railroad Spike Bottle Opener is made from a real antique railroad spike, drilled and cut by hand into a handy bottle opener and conversation starter. A handsome leather lanyard and a special patina-preserving coating complete the item, and I guess in a pinch you could use it as an actual railroad spike.

Given all that, it’s cool that a Railroad Spike Bottle Opener will cost you just $20 right here. And if you ever get sick of your current personality, you could try jamming it through your brain like Phineas Gage and hope for the best (that didn’t turn out so great for him, though).