Calorie Brands: Instagram Account Swaps Logos With Total Calorie Amounts

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Calorie Brands

A commercial food brand logo is designed to give shoppers the unconscious message that whatever is inside the package is desirable to eat. One of the ways this is often achieved is by making the actual nutritional content of the product as hidden-from-view as legally possible, which is a circumvention that a new Instagram account called Calorie Brands seeks to undo.

When you walk through the digital grocery aisles of the Calorie Brands Instagram account, instead of seeing the names of products on the packaging you will instead see the total number of calories inside. You probably get the idea, but here’s an example anyway: Instead of “Minute Maid Orange Juice,” the label of a thing of orange juice says “Calories 878.” Yowzers!

If you want to feel mildly bad about your consumption habits, head over to the Calorie Brands Instagram account right here and take a look at its stock in trade.