Black Swan Superyacht Concept (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, June 12, 2016

New from designer Timur Bozca is a yacht concept that will make your current superyacht look like a worthless hunk of rust. It’s the Black Swan, with a visual design like something out of a big-budget Danger: Diabolik remake.

The Black Swan superyacht’s most impressive asset is its impossibly sleek visual impression, but Bozca gave it plenty of cool features as well, like its multi-tiered swimming pool, an on-board helipad, a luxurious master suite joined by six almost as luxurious guest suites, and even a 172-horsepower engine that can send the whole thing knifing through the water at 28 knots.

Or at least it would, if the Black Swan ever made it off the screen and into real life. For now, you can check out a few very cool pics of the concept superyacht in the gallery below. ¬†And for more information on the project, head over to Timur Bozca’s official site here.

Here’s the gallery: