Lexus 2054: Custom Car Inspired by ‘Minority Report’ for Sale

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 10, 2016

Lexus 2054 homage 2016 Vetter Custom Dimensia

One of the coolest things about Minority Report was the cars, and eBay Motors user ferrarimv evidently agreed, since they whipped up the 2016 Vetter Custom Dimensia, a one-off custom ride inspired by the movie’s Lexus 2054, and now for sale on the site for $95,000.

Of course, there are a few differences between the Lexus 2054 (named for the year in which most of Minority Report takes place) and the cars seen in the movie. For one, this car runs on good old-fashioned gasoline, with a 2.7L V6 Porsche drive train, and custom exhaust and headers. So you don’t need to find any Maglev roads before you can drive.

What you do need to find is $95,000, or you can make your best offer at the Lexus 2054 homage 2016 Vetter Custom Dimensia’s eBay listing right here. Incidentally, despite its radical futuristic exterior, this car is totally street legal, so you don’t have to worry about any future cops chasing you through the city on jetpacks.