Samsung Gear IconX Fitness-Tracking Earbuds

by: Joseph On  Thursday, June 9, 2016

Samsung Gear IconX

Earbuds are standard gear for regular exercisers these days, so it’s an impressive flash of inspiration from someone at Samsung that produced the Samsung Gear IconX, a pair of earbuds that also works as a fitness tracker. They might as well while they’re up there, right?

The benefits of listening to music while you work out are well-known, but the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds are pulling double duty by keeping track of calories burned, speed, and more, and they can deliver real-time feedback right to your ears along with your music. Even better, they come equipped with 4GB of storage so you can leave your phone behind should you so desire.

Or at least, they will, once the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds actually come out. There’s not a release date set publicly as of yet, but you can read up on the earbuds/fitness trackers in Samsung’s IconX press release right here.