The Netflix Binge Scale Analyzes How People Watch Its Shows

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Netflix Binge Scale

It’s an uncomfortable truth that Netflix knows more about our personal viewing habits than we ourselves have taken the time to analyze, and you can believe they’re constantly seeking new ways to optimize that knowledge to their advantage. But they’ve recently given us a little benign glimpse at that insider info with The Netflix Binge Scale.

The Netflix Binge Scale is basically a glorified promo for Netflix’s line of original series, but it offers an interesting glimpse into the different ways viewers tend to watch different shows—some are more heavily binged for two hours or more at a time, while others tend to be more savored with fewer episodes getting consumed in a single sitting.

You’ve already seen The Netflix Binge Scale up at the top, but for a complete breakdown of how it was created and the data behind it, take a look at Netflix’s official press release right here.