Prince: 15 Additional Albums Added to Tidal for Artist’s Birthday

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Tags:  Prince   Tidal   Albums   Funk   Online Streaming  


Yesterday (June 7th) would have been Prince‘s 58th birthday had he not ascended into the next realm of sexfunk almost two months ago. To honor The Purple One on his birthday, streaming service Tidal has added not one, not two, but 15 previously-unavailable Prince albums to its library, which is for now the only place you can find him in the legitimate online streaming landscape.

Many of Prince’s new fans may have been surprised to learn after his death that even on Tidal, there were substantial gaps in his available discography. This new delivery of music closes a lot (but not all) of them, including such works as The Black Album, The Gold Experience, Chaos and Disorder, and many (12, to be exact) more.

If you want to dive or re-dive into the Prince music you missed even after a month-long binge following his death (I may or may not simply be describing my own situation here), you can begin by checking out Tidal’s site right here. And given all the unreleased material he’s rumored to have accumulated before his death, you should probably get used to going back to the well every once in a while for the next several years.