“DJ Khaled – Nail Salon”: New Apple Music Ad With Ray Liotta (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DJ Khaled - Nail Salon Apple Music Ad

One recurring motif of TV commercials that I’ve always liked is the one about disparate celebrities hanging out like regular people. Celebs don’t get much more disparate than DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta, but they are the two stars of the new Apple Music spot entitled “DJ Khaled – Nail Salon.

DJ Khaled gets to be in the title while Ray Liotta has to survive on 0 billing because Khaled is a new spokesman for Apple Music.

“DJ Khaled – Nail Salon” features the pair hanging out in, you guessed it, a nail salon. (Because, why not?) They get into a friendly argument about Apple Music’s “thousands and thousands of songs,” and Liotta gets to bring some of his mob movie threatening glare skills to the table.

You can see DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta together at last in the commercial below. And for bringing these two titans together, you might as well check out Apple Music right here.

Here’s the commercial: