Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 3, 2016

Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar

The phrase “portable whiskey” tends to conjure up an image of a guy with a hip flask and perhaps a mischievous twinkle in his eye, but there’s actually a more luxe way to carry your whiskey around with you, provided you can afford it.  That was is with a Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar, an “extremely rare” piece that is now available for sale from 1stdibs.

The Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar was actually commissioned back in the 1980s, with a drop-front design that conceals a glass-and-silver whiskey carafe, four beakers, an insulated ice bucket, and even a dish for either nuts or olives (or both, you maniac, you).

Pricing on the Louis Vuitton Portable Whisky Bar is only available upon request, which probably means that you couldn’t afford it in a million years. But you can make an inquiry at the 1stdibs site right here, where you can also get a little more info on this very interesting curiosity.