COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker (Video)

by: Joseph On  Sunday, May 29, 2016
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COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker

Stargazing is great, but no healthy, functional person is going to spend as much time as they would like staring up into space. The COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker brings a tiny sliver of the cosmos into your bedroom, and provides light and music to boot.

The COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker’s face is dotted with all of the stars known to be visible from the Northern Hemisphere, along with two larger “stars” that thankfully don’t exist in real life but serve as hour and minute hands. There’s also a dimmer function as well as Bluetooth connectivity for music, but the real star here is the clock’s beautiful lighting effects.

See those lighting effects in action by watching the video below, and stay tuned to the COSMOS Constellation Clock Speaker’s Facebook page here for info on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Once you get one, please remember to give your telescope a workout every once in a while, for old time’s sake.

Here’s the video: