SWANH.NET: ‘Star Wars Episode IV’ Adapted Into One Long-Scrolling Image

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 26, 2016


At this point, there are very few artistic media that haven’t gotten some kind of Star Wars adaptation. Artist Martin Panchaud went ahead and created another one, by adapting the (chronologically) first installment of the Star Wars saga into one massive digital image. It’s found at SWANH.NET, which also serves as a title for the work, in case you get sick of saying “that huge Star Wars picture online.”

In order to fully experience SWANH.NET, you have to scroll through a giant, unbroken image that measures 123 meters in real length. Every line of dialogue found in the film is presented in the image, as are all the characters, ships, planets, locations, action scenes, and narrative events, but depicted as you’ve never seen them before.

If you’ve got an hour or two to kill, you should definitely check out the infographic-inspired SWANH.NET here, where you can explore the uniquely massive image in all of its majesty.