Skull Armchair From Besson Gregory

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Skull Armchair From Besson Gregory

Both Kit Walker and Johnny Domino are famous for living in structures that look like skulls, but design house Besson Gregory (and its eponymous designer Gregory Besson) has come up with a way for you to do them one better in your very own home: The Skull Armchair.

The Skull Armchair doesn’t really require much in the way of explanation: For those with somewhat morbid, macabre, or off-beat inclinations, it’s a chair that looks like a human skull. It’s made out of fiberglass, with the actual seating portion crafted from “high quality leather,” and despite the universality of the skull image each chair will be “unique in its color and finition,” according to Besson.

Unique color and finition don’t come cheap, and as such the Besson Gregory Skull Armchair will set you back a ghastly $35,000 at the designer’s online store right here. Secluded villainous lair not included, despite the price tag.