Gyeondyo-bar: Korean Ice Cream Bar Fights Hangover Symptoms

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 24, 2016


In the western world, hangover cures tend to carry a subliminal undercurrent of penitence, as if to repent for your bad behavior you have to subject yourself to something horrible like an egg-and-Tabasco smoothie in order to avoid the even worse punishment of a hangover. But in South Korea they have a different approach, as evidenced by the recently-revealed Gyeondyo-bar.

The Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit-flavored ice cream confection that’s also reportedly the first-ever ice cream product specifically engineered to fight hangovers. It does this primarily with oriental raisin tree fruit juice, a key ingredient that has been a traditional hangover remedy in Korea going back centuries.

Unfortunately, the Gyeondyo-bar appears only to be available to revelers in Korea, without any plans for a global roll-out of the product as of yet. But you can read up on the ice cream bars at Reuters right here. And try to take it easy this weekend, OK?