‘It’s A Small World’: Post-Apocalyptic Photo Editorial (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 20, 2016

It doesn’t take Adrian Veidt to figure out that there’s something ominous in the air these days, and a lot of it is manifesting itself as post-apocalyptic themes in movies, TV shows, and elsewhere. It’s A Small World is a photo editorial from photographer Lea Colombo and styled by Omaima Salem in the latest issue of Man About Town that serves as the latest example.

It’s A Small World features fashion as it might exist after civilization falls. That means a lot of balaclavas and plenty of layers for protection from marauding hordes. Also, just on an aesthetic level, it means a lot of dust, so you may need to refill your water bottle before you take a look, because things might get a little (literally) thirsty.

If you’re ready for it, you can take a look at It’s A Small World below. And if the world doesn’t end before you get done, you can take a look at the Man About Town site right here.