ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable: Guaranteed for Life

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 19, 2016
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ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable

If you want to make sure, doubly sure, triply sure, quadruply sure and beyond that your charging cable is not going to break, tear, or even just stop working for the rest of your life, the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable would seem like a pretty feasible option for you.

Kevlar is the stuff they make bulletproof vests out of, and the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable can stand up to a lot more than just bullets. ┬áIt’s got enough tensile strength to drag a car and not break, and can stand up to all kinds of shocks and pressures that lesser charging cables would fold under almost immediately. Even if you do somehow manage to break it, the ZUS is guaranteed for life.

The ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable starts at $15 on IndieGoGo here, where it has raised a staggering $145,000+ against a goal of just ten grand, and there’s still a month left of fundraising to go.