‘Game of Thrones Clue’ Puts Westeros Spin on Classic Board Game

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Game of Thrones Clue

Everyone knows that the show Game of Thrones is a hotbed of murder and deception, but it really has nothing on Clue, the “Classic Mystery Game” that was bringing murder into the living room when George R.R. Martin was still going by Georgie R.R. Martin. And so we now have Game of Thrones Clue, which takes these two classic favorites of bodily destruction and brings them harmoniously together.

One cool feature of Game of Thrones Clue is that it’s actually two versions of the game in one – one side of the double-sided board lets players solve The Case of The Red Keep, while the other side is focused on The Mystery at Meereen. All your favorite gruesome murderers are there, and it’s up to the players to determine just who performed the killing, where, and with what.

If you’ve ever played Clue, you know the drill. You can check out Game of Thrones Clue at the HBO site here, where copies are priced at just under $50.