Purveyors of Packaging: Husband and Wife Save and Photograph Vintage Packaging

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 16, 2016

Purveyors of Packaging

Remember that scene in Manhunter when Will Graham and his son are walking through the grocery store? It’s a great scene, but watching the movie more than three decades after it was made means it’s easy to get distracted looking at all the stuff on the shelves instead of the actors. I bring it up as an example of the inherent fascination of old, defunct packaging, which is the reason that the Purveyors of Packaging exist.

The Purveyors of Packaging is the name given to Melissa and (weird coincidence) Graham, the husband-and-wife team who have devoted a significant portion of their online lives to collecting, photographing, and cataloging old packaging. A lot of their wares are too old even to give you a pang of nostalgia (unless you’re in your late 60s at least), but it’s always cool to browse items from the marketing industry’s dusty, musty old past.

You can do just that by taking a look at the Purveyors of Packaging’s current offerings at their website right here. Free!