‘Make It Spicy: More than 50 Recipes that Pack a Punch’

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 13, 2016

Make It Spicy

Late last year, a book on spicy cuisine was released, potentially saving millions from the scourge of bland food. It’s getting a little bit of renewed interest on the internet now, which is why I bring Make It Spicy: More than 50 Recipes that Pack a Punch by James Beard Award winner Amy Machnak to your attention.

Machnak has compiled over 50 different recipes for Make It Spicy, divided by their relative levels of spiciness. Those levels are mild, hot, and fiery, and if you’ve ever spent any time enjoying (or not enjoying) spicy food you probably know what you’re able to handle. For the true firebreathers out there, this could be an indispensable cookbook, especially if you’re tired of just pouring Sriracha over everything.

You can get your copy of Make It Spicy at Amazon right here, where it’s currently priced at just under $16. And you may want to stock up on milk and yogurt while you’re at it—they’re good for alleviating burning in the mouth.