Christoph Niemann’s Augmented-Reality Covers for ‘The New Yorker’ (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Christoph Niemann’s Augmented-Reality Covers

This week’s cover of The New Yorker, for those in the new, isn’t just a regular cover. It’s one of Christoph Niemann’s augmented-reality covers—on both the front and back of the magazine—which can bring viewers on “a new kind of joy ride,” according to the magazine.

Basically, Christoph Niemann’s augmented-reality covers work like this: You download the Uncovr app, point your mobile device at the cover, and voila, your reality has officially been augmented courtesy of Niemann and The New Yorker—and me, I guess, if you heard about it here first (you’re welcome).

But like most augmented reality projects, Christoph Niemann’s augmented-reality covers for The New Yorker are better experienced for themselves rather than described. Even if you don’t have the latest New Yorker handy, you can see how the covers work in the video below. And for more from the magazine, check out its official site here.

Here’s the video: