Bar Roulette: Take a Chance on Your Evening’s Drinking Spot

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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Bar Roulette via Cool Material

Finding a new bar to hang out in can be almost as hard as picking a movie to watch or a book to read – in other words, sometimes you need to let Fortuna do your choosing for your. A new app called Bar Roulette lets you do that with a level of efficiency previously thought impossible.

Bar Roulette’s killer feature is its ability to incorporate other apps into its experience, like Uber and Yelp, to guide you from your home to (hopefully) your next adventure, or at least a pleasant night out. The app selects a nearby highly-rated bar, then hails an Uber driver to take you there without telling you what it is.

Once you get there, the app will tell you the name, I guess in case it’s called something like “Gary’s Neo-Nazi Bar and Grill” and you want a final chance to back out. The app is free at the Bar Roulette site here, where you can get plenty more information.