‘Contour Mirror’: When Was the Last Time You Really LOOKED in the Mirror? (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, May 9, 2016

Contour Mirror

Artist Flynn Talbot has created a mirror for a recent art installation in Seoul that he wanted to explore “looking within and seeing what’s below the surface.” The result is the Contour Mirror, a souped-up mirror that invites viewers to explore their own reflections in unprecedented ways.

To really experience Contour Mirror you have to see it in the flesh, but a basic description goes like this: It’s a slowly rotating mirror with custom lighting elements built in that are inspired by the contours of the human fingerprint. When you gaze into the mirror’s surface, your reflection becomes fluid and constantly changing, with the final touch being the distinctive reflection that can be seen in the viewer’s own eyes.

Even if you’re not able to catch Contour Mirror in person, you can get an idea of the experience by watching it in the video below. Talbot’s official site here has more of his work, and who knows, maybe one day this will be available in hotel rooms or in bathrooms at restaurants.

Here’s the video: