‘Elstree 1976’: Documentary Celebrates the Masked Bit Players of ‘Star Wars’

by: Joseph On  Friday, May 6, 2016

Elstree 1976

Nowadays it’s not unusual to see big stars wear masks for most of their film performances, thanks to the superhero craze, but back in the practically old Hollywood days of Star Wars, it was an army of bit players and forgotten heroes who played the movie’s considerable cast of masked or otherwise disguised characters. It’s this army that’s being saluted by the new documentary Elstree 1976.

The tagline for Elstree 1976 is “Behind the masks. Beneath the helmets. Big People. Small Roles.” Erratic capitalization aside, that sums up the purpose of the documentary, which turns the spotlight on the men who gave Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and many more iconic (and less than iconic) characters physical form onscreen.

You can watch a trailer for Elstree 1976 below. And for more info on the film and its limited theatrical release that starts today, hit up its official site right here.

Here’s the trailer: