Modern HiFi Stereo Console From Department Chicago

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 5, 2016

Modern HiFi Stereo Console

Back in those golden, olden, pre-television days, the centerpiece of a typical living room was the radio/HiFi/record player. The people at Department Chicago have brought those days back in a big way with their Modern HiFi Stereo Console, a stereo cabinet that looks (not to mention sounds) good enough to command all the attention in a room.

The Modern HiFi Stereo Console is constructed in various permutations from walnut and maple, with room for any and all audio devices along with the built-in speakers. As you can see in the photo up at the top, there’s also plenty of storage space for your records—120 of them, at least, depending on how comfortable you are with cramming any extras in there too.

As a premium item with a pre-order price tag starting at $1,700, the Modern HiFi Stereo Console is having a bit of trouble reaching its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here.