McDonald’s McTrax: Musical Placemat Coming to Dutch McDonald’s Locations (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 5, 2016

McDonald's McTrax

If you remember the KFC Tray Typer from (believe it or not) almost a year ago, you may be pleased to know that McDonald’s has now gotten on board the technologically gimmicky placemat train and one-upped the Colonel significantly with the unveiling of the McDonald’s McTrax.

Where the KFC Tray Typer was more of a practical innovation for typing without greasing up your smartphone, the McDonald’s McTrax is more focused on fun. Musical fun, to be precise, since the McTrax lets users turn into fast food record producers with sound effects and samples at their fingertips. It also syncs up with your smartphone so you can share your beats with the world before you’ve even finished your McNuggets.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the Netherlands at the moment, with no plans for a wider rollout being¬†made public as of yet. But you can see the McTrax in action in the video below no matter where you are. ¬†And for more cool stuff from McDonald’s Dutch arm, just take a look at its YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video: