Giphy Keys App Puts Entire Giphy Library at Your Fingertips

by: Joseph On  Thursday, May 5, 2016
Tags:  Gifs   Giphy   Giphy Keys   Alternate Keyboards   Apps   Ios  

Giphy Keys via Engadget

Giphy has been the internet’s premiere destination for when you words just can’t express how you feel and only an animated GIF will do. Now, the site has an app that makes its entire library of animated GIFs even easier to access for text messages and anything else you use your smartphone for.  It’s called Giphy Keys.

Giphy Keys is actually an alternate keyboard for your phone, but in addition to the usual keys there’s a virtually limitless supply of Gify GIFs, indexed by keyword, mood, specific memes, trending GIFs, and source material. It also uses hashtag commands for custom GIFs, and with millions in the Giphy archive and counting, you may never actually have to communicate through written language again.

While you’re still tethered to traditional English, you can get Giphy Keys from the iTunes Store right here for free. Now, if only I could sum up how this whole thing makes me feel with a humorous animated image.  Ah, well.