‘A Chart About Nothing: The Connected Characters of Seinfeld’

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Chart About Nothing

The people at Pop Chart Labs have turned their particular infographical wizardry to the most important cultural text of the 20th century: Seinfeld. It’s A Chart About Nothing, a poster which maps out almost 250 of the show’s characters, from the central quartet all the way down to minor speaking roles.

Fully titled A Chart About Nothing: The Connected Characters of Seinfeld, this is an amazingly detailed and comprehensive overview of the Seinfeld universe, showing not just the characters themselves but charting how they connect to one another. Characters are also sorted by number of appearances, but fans of one-off characters like the manager at Hop-Singh’s will still be satisfied.

The 24 by 36 inch A Chart About Nothing poster goes for $35 at the Pop Chart Labs online store right here. I would normally include a good Seinfeld quote or reference here, but I feel paralyzed by choice.  Maybe just ask me for a good one later.