118″ Cigar Club Denim Sofa From Curations Limited

by: Joseph On  Friday, April 29, 2016

118" Cigar Club Denim Sofa

Denim is obviously mostly known as a fabric for jeans and occasionally other clothing, but if you’ve ever wanted to take a nap on it you might have to do a little shopping. If you’ve got the money to afford it, though the 118″ Cigar Club Denim Sofa from Curations Limited might be the premature end to your shopping reconnaissance.

The 118″ Cigar Club Denim Sofa appears at glance to be a classic rendition of the famous Chesterfield sofa model, but a closer look (or sit) will reveal all 118 inches of it to be clad in high-quality denim in a moderate wash. Ideally, this denim upholstery will get better and more comfortable with age, just like a good pair of jeans.

Also ideally, you need to have more than four grand so you can afford the 118″ Cigar Club Denim Sofa at the Curations Limited online store right here – although you do have a little time to save up since it’s listed as “coming soon.”