‘The World According to Star Wars’ by Cass Sunstein

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The World According to Star Wars

Over-analyzing Star Wars is one of our nation’s most treasured pastimes, but perhaps there’s a way to do it that can enhance your life and wisdom rather than chip away at your already fragile maturity. Author Cass Sunstein takes this approach with his new bookThe World According to Star Wars.

The World According to Star Wars uses the most famous saga of the modern age to explore a wide variety of topics, from economics, politics, constitutional law, and much more. And since it all ties back to those movies you liked when you were a kid, your chances of getting (and staying) bored while you read are pretty much nil.

Copies of The World According to Star Wars will start to roll out at the end of next month, but you can pre-order your copy here from that modern-day empire, Amazon, where it’s priced at a little over $17 (with a pre-order price guarantee, naturally). Live long and prosper.