Relic Oven: Portable Brick Oven From Tennessee Stone & Design

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Relic Oven

The people at Tennessee Stone & Design are rustling up funds for an outdoor pizza cooking solution that might allow pizza to supplant more traditional outdoor barbecue foods like ribs and burgers (at least in the backyards of people who buy the oven). It’s the Relic Oven.

Despite the name, the Relic Oven is as relevant as ever, especially as summer barbecue season approaches. And unlike traditional brick ovens, the Relic is portable thanks to its interlocking three-piece structure, and it’s crafted from a stone composite that’s heat-resistant against the kind of extreme temperatures necessary to get that pizza crust perfectly charred.

The Relic Oven is also accompanied by Tennessee Stone & Design’s special (and durable) pizza stones, and the whole burgeoning brand can be found and supported on Kickstarter here. Pre-orders on the oven start at the not-cheap price point of $1,100