BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece is the World’s Smallest

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece

If you used to watch 24 you’ve probably fantasized about being able to put a nearly-invisible earpiece into your ear and receive communications from Chloe and various unhelpful government bureaucrats who want to try to prevent you from doing your job. Now, with the BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece from Schatzii, that fantasy is one giant leap closer to reality.

The BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece is billed as the smallest Bluetooth earbud in the world, fitting comfortably into the ear thanks to its sleek design and lightweight construction. You can even use it to listen to music, with its CVC active noise suppression and echo cancellation making it sound as good as you can expect in only a single ear.

You can get the BULLET Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece for $150 on the dot at the Schatzii online store right here. While you’re waiting for it to ship to you, I recommend practicing your best “damn it!” shouts so you’re ready to use it just like Jack Bauer.