737 Cowling Chair: Made From a Real 737 Jet Engine Cowling

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 25, 2016

737 Cowling Chair

When a chair is made from a repurposed airplane part, the most obvious component to use is, uh, obviously a seat from the plane. But that’s not the only option, as illustrated by the 737 Cowling Chair from Fallen Furniture.

Every 737 Cowling Chair is made from a real engine cowling from a Boeing 737. But it can sit a person with a lot more comfort than it does plane guts, with premium leather upholstery inside. It also has an aluminum base that can spin 360 degrees, making it the perfect seating for a Bond villain-style lair or anywhere else you want to be able to make a dramatic entrance while staying seated.

Fallen Furniture doesn’t have a price listed for the 737 Cowling Chair at their online store, but there is a link to “enquire” about purchasing one, which probably means it’s too expensive for you (it also means that someone at Fallen Furniture isn’t a strong speller). You can check it out here.