Gold Toilet Being Installed at Guggenheim by Sculptor Maurizio Cattelan

by: Joseph On  Thursday, April 21, 2016

Gold Toilet

Visual artist Maurizio Cattelan is working on a new installation for the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, but unlike most of the sculptures you’re likely to see there this one will have a definite practical function. It’s a solid gold toilet, a working replica of a standard Kohler model made out of 18-karat gold.

The title of Cattelan’s gold toilet piece isn’t yet known, but according to a story in The New York Times it will be fully functional, and in fact Cattelan won’t consider the work complete until it is used (it will be installed in a bathroom at the museum):

“You could go into the restroom just to bask in its glow, Mr. Cattelan said, but it becomes an artwork only with someone sitting on it or standing over it, answering nature’s call.”

If you’ve always dreamed of using a gold toilet (I’m actively choosing not to make any gold/golden puns here), you can do it at the Guggenheim Museum starting next month. And you can check out the NYT story on the piece right here.