Dedicato a David Tabletop Cigar Cutter

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dedicato a David Tabletop Cigar Cutter

The classic cigar cutter was used for decades to prepare cigars for smoking and to intimidate underlings in the early part of the industrial era well into the 20th century. Now, the people at Emporio Berti are paying tribute to those days, as well as to their founder David Berti, with the Dedicato a David tabletop cigar cutter.

Like a tiny guillotine, the Dedicato a David (Italian for “dedicated to David”) cigar cutter has a 20mm hole that can accommodate all but the most cartoonishly large cigars. It’s constructed from durable and sharp stainless steel, with an ox horn handle that defines quality and grace in old-fashioned engineering.

The Dedicato a David will set you back about $265 at the Emporio Berti online store here, where you can also get additional¬†information on more of the brand’s wares. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy cigars like Vincent Ludwig, it might just be worth the cost.