Zero Click: New App From Domino’s Lets Users Order With No Clicks (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, April 7, 2016
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Domino's Zero Click App

In this modern age, the prospect of being able to order pizza at the push of a button almost seems like too much trouble. That’s especially true of Domino’s, who’ve pioneered ordering through emojis and other laziest-common-denominator methods, and now they’ve outdone themselves with the Zero Click app.

Zero Click improves upon all previous methods of ordering pizza by requiring the user to click zero times in order to order their preferred pizza order (indicated through their Domino’s Pizza Profile, which admittedly does require a few clicks to set up). All you do is open the app and wait for your pizza, provided you don’t have any work around the house you want to get to (just kidding).

Once you get done pondering the philosophical implications of an app that orders pizza with zero clicks, you can acquaint yourself with the Domino’s Zero Click app in the video below. And you can download the app for free at Google Play here and the iTunes app store here.

Here’s the video: