WHOOP Performance Optimization System

by: Joseph On  Thursday, April 7, 2016

WHOOP Performance Optimization System

If you’re interested in going well beyond the usual threshold for personal fitness trackers—if, for instance, you’re actually a professional, or even competitive, athleteWHOOP Performance Optimization System will allow you to do this, while also letting you “perform better and win more” in the bargain.

The WHOOP Performance Optimization System appears on the surface to be similar to any other fitness tracker you would wear on your wrist while exercising. But WHOOP’s functions outdo that hypothetical tracker by a significant margin, keeping track of myriad physiological data points including skin conductivity, ambient temperature, as well as the more usual variables like motion and heart rate. It also gives users scores for recovery, strain, optimizing rest and sleep, and more.

If you’re in the market for something more than just casual fitness that purports to give you a real edge in competition, head to the WHOOP Performance Optimization System’s official site here for more information and release details as they become available.