Analogue Nt 24k Gold Edition Celebrates ‘The Legend of Zelda’

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Analogue Nt 24k Gold Edition

The 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda is as legitimate a reason for hardcore gamers to drop thousands of dollars on a gold-plated NES that exists, which is why it makes sense that the Analogue Nt 24k Gold edition is now available for purchase from Analogue.

In case you’re not familiar with the regular, non-gold-plated Analogue Nt, it’s essentially a retro gaming console that can play not just original Nintendo cartridges, but Famicom and Famicom Disk System games as well (Zelda actually made its debut in the latter format). And the Analogue Nt 24k Gold joint also comes with an original (gold-colored, incidentally) Legend of Zelda cartridge as well as an HDMI upgrade for modern TVs.

As if the Analogue Nt 24k Gold edition wasn’t an enviable enough item, Analogue is only making ten of them, priced at just under five grand a piece. You can reserve yours at the Analogue site right here.