Giga Big Mac: Giant Big Mac Upgrade Comes to McDonald’s Japan

by: Joseph On  Monday, April 4, 2016

Giga Mig Mac

The trend of colossal fast food monstrosities has kind of run its course in the US, where a slender thread of health-consciousness runs through even the junkiest junk food. But they appear to be just getting warmed up in Japan, where McDonald’s has made western headlines yet again with the unveiling of the Giga Big Mac.

Arguably the biggest monster to terrorize Japan since King Ghidorah, the Giga Big Mac boasts 2.8-times more meat than the regular Mac, with twice as many patties that are also bigger than the Big Mac’s. A burger like that demands a giant soda to wash it down and a huge order of fries, so McDonald’s Japan is reportedly rolling out those as well.

The Giga Big Mac will reportedly hit McDonald’s stores in Japan on April 6th, but who knows, maybe enough time has passed since Super Size Me for it to catch on in North America as well. Stay vigilant.