‘The Life of Pablo’ is Now Available on Spotify and Other Services

by: Joseph On  Friday, April 1, 2016

The Life of Pablo

Kanye West‘s original concept for his newest (for lack of a better word) album seemed to be a work that was only accessible through Tidal, and constantly subject to tweaks and changes by the artist. But now, The Life of Pablo is eliminating at least one of those elements, since it’s now available on myriad other online streaming services.

That includes Spotify, which now has a 59-minute, 19-track cut available for your listening pleasure. Apple Music and Google Play also have the album, but just because Kanye went back on his pledge that The Life of Pablo will only be available on Tidal doesn’t mean he’s going to stop messing with it. It just means that a lot more people can experience what happens when he messes with it.

So if you’ve been waiting for The Life of Pablo but didn’t want to get a Tidal account on principle (not a bad principle, as principles go), now’s your chance. You can also check out the record at Kanye’s official site here.