Gravity Chopsticks: Levitating Chopsticks That Don’t Need a Rest

by: Joseph On  Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gravity Chopsticks

Kendrick Lamar recently implored listeners to “levitate, levitate, levitate,” but few people realize he was actually talking about chopsticks. To be more precise, Gravity Chopsticks, the chopsticks that levitate so you don’t need a rest to keep them off the table when you’re not holding them.

There are no magnets or any other tricks involved in Gravity Chopsticks, just an impressively balanced structure that keeps the business ends off the surface of whatever they’re resting on—and hopefully from all the germs and bacteria that can be found there with a microscope. Each pair is made from aluminum, and your choice of either solid maple or walnut.  All you have to do is balance them on their elongated side while gravity handles the rest.

At least 110 people out there are sick enough of traditional chopsticks to kick in some money towards Gravity Chopsticks at the product’s Kickstarter, and you can join their ranks right here, where pre-orders start at $24.