Pappy & Company Pappy Van Winkle Maple Syrup and Hot Sauce

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pappy & Company

Pappy Van Winkle bourbon is some of the best and most respected bourbon whiskey there is, and as such, a bottle of the stuff isn’t always the easiest to acquire. Luckily, there’s Pappy & Company, an offshoot brand that sells other products bearing the Pappy Van Winkle brand, including lines of pepper sauce and maple syrup aged in the same barrels as the company’s world-famous bourbon.

Pappy provides the barrels, but the pepper sauce and maple syrup in question are both collaborative efforts between Pappy & Company and other entities. For the pepper sauce, Midland Ghost supplied the Ghost Peppers that give the sauce its heat, while Bissel Maple Farm came up with the syrup that spent six months inside a Pappy Van Winkle barrel before going into the bottle.

It’s enough to kickstart a person’s appetite just reading about it, and you can do a little more of that at the Pappy & Company online store right here. You can also do some shopping while you’re there, with bottles of hot sauce going for $12 and syrup priced at a little under $40.