Nike Air Max Con: Like a Sneaker Disney World (Photos)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If ever you were going to make a sneakerhead pilgrimage to another land (unless you’re reading this in Hong Kong), March 23rd to the 27th would be the time. That’s because those are the dates of Nike Air Max Con in Hong Kong, as well as similar events in New York City and Tokyo, commemorating Nike Air Max Day on March 26th

It’s the Hong Kong Nike Air Max Con that concerns us here, though, since from the photos it would appear to be a sneakerhead’s dream come true—a comprehensive retrospective of the Nike Air Max line held at the four-level Fringe Club. All kinds of sneaker-centric attractions are to be found there, including one in which visitors can vote on the next Air Max sneaker to come back to shelves.

You can see a few photos of Hong Kong’s Nike Air Max Con in the gallery below courtesy of Hypebeast. And for more from the worldwide sneaker event, check it out on Nike’s official site here.

Here’s the gallery: