Skyline Residence by Belzberg Architects Has Wall for Outdoor Movies (Pics)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hollywood is (literally and metaphorically speaking) built on the motion picture industry, and movies run thicker in the air there than they do anywhere else.  For proof, just check out the Skyline Residence design from Belzberg Architects for a house in the Hollywood Hills with a wall specifically for outdoor movie screenings.

The Skyline Residence’s movie wall is part of the property’s guest house and visible from the main house, perfect for watching films under the stars (or with the stars as the case may be). In addition to its movie screen, the property is also built with environmental sustainability and affordability in mind–with locally manufactured materials using the principle of “Carbon Neutral Economics.”

Even so, it’s unlikely you’re able to afford to live in the Skyline Residence, but you can check out a few photos of it in the gallery below. And for more information on the project, which was actually completed several years ago, you can head over to Belzberg Architects’ site right here.

Here’s the gallery: